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Time on site reports

Time on site analytics

Time On Site Metrics. Real-time!

Time On Page (in seconds)
Time On Page (Duration)
Time On Site (in seconds)
Time On Site (Duration)
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     “Modern user engagement tracker for your web pages. timeonsite.js powers small blogs to largest enterprises on the Internet for measuing user stay time. Measure the performace of your new web product launches and startups on the web effectively. Stay time for single page-visits as well!”

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Want detailed precision (in milliseconds)?
Time on page is the time spent so far in this page whearas Time on site is the time spent in the session overall. If you reload the page 3 times, then Time on site = (Time on page of first page visit + Time on page of second page visit + Time on page of third page visit)

Time on site highlights

Reasons why you should use Timeonsite.js in your web site/apps today

(works along with your other analytics tools! need not decommission other tracking tools!!!)

Key features of TimeOnSite(TOS) Tracker

  • Measures user's time on site accurately
  • Provides analytics of page and content significance
  • Ignores inactive browser tab time to improve TOS metrics
  • Easily configurable and highly customizable
  • Tracks TOS data in Web and Mobile browsers efficiently
  • Readily available reporting & analytics application in PHP/NodeJs

Important! Since the mid of 2021, sendBeacon() API is standard in most browsers; make use of it and achieve high accuracy; capture session-duration even for bounce-rated pages, a feature you regret missing in all other web analytic providers! (see "getting started" page for sendBeacon() real-time example)

Reports & Analytics Dashboard (Download it for free)

Reports Dashboard

Time on site reports

Analytics Dashboard

Time on site analytics

Business Intelligence for User Engagment

You are not limited to custom Visual app or writing raw SQL to visualize data, you can view reports using any of the following tools:
  • Power BI
  • QlikView
  • Tableau etc.
or any BI tool. You name it. Here is a sample Tableau public visualization created with timeonsite.js You can download it, import the worksheets with Tableau Public/Desktop application and replace the usual "tos" table with your production table and view fantastic visualizations. This is the table structure and only table used in following Tableau visualizations...
tos table structure

Tableau Public (free access)

Access this dashboard directly on Tableau public (web).

Tips for using Tableau public:

Licensed & Free version

Free Version

TimeOnSite Tracker can be used for free without purchasing a licence key in following cases:

Licensed Version

TimeOnSiteTracker.js is strictly commercial software. Using it in live/production servers and environments (ex. http://example.com) require that you purchase licence key. It's illegal to use without a valid licence key. The tracker snippet itself has to contain licence key to ensure that it's valid.

Buy licence now?

Buying licence is a two-step process as given here

Registering your application and paying can be done in any order. When you press pay button and your payment is successful, your payment time (at Paypal) is recorded and you can continue to use the software for next 1 year in case of type "Standard".

We would generate a licence key and send to your email available via step 1. It may take upto 3 days for us to send your licence key. But you could start using the software from the moment you made the purchase. Download the software timeonsitetracker.js or minified version and use it in your application. When we send your licence key via email, copy it and you have to manually overwrite the Licence Key: {your-license-key-here} line in software as given in image above.

Note: Money paid is not refundable even if you use it for just 3 months and leave it in the rest of the year.

Support: If you did not receive licence key even after 3 days from the date of payment or have any payment issues, contact us and get support

Your support is always welcome!
If you are a general user of timeonsite tracker and not willing to pay full licence money, you may contribute a smaller amount like $10 or $15 to show your support for us or as a token of love or to help us continue build a modern, transparent & accurate time-on-site tracker. You can use the same Paypal link above and customize it for smaller contribution.

Developed with love for web & analytics at Chennai, remember Marina? All praise be to Almighty God.
TimeonsiteTracker.js, the commercial software with free use options!.